About Us
About Our Business
MIGHTY MOE'S is a full service mobile
salon for your pet. Grooming can be
stressful for animals.   
Our goal as your
groomer is to gain your pets trust by
creating a calm, loving environment  for
them during the groom.  During every groom
we will give praises and hugs.  After every
groom your pet will receive a special treat.  
Our hope is to have every pet feel like it
was their special spa day.

We decided to go into grooming because of
my love for animals.
Customer service is
our number one priority
whether the customer has a tail or not.
I'm a foxy

What do I need to groom at your home?

My grooming mobile is completely self
reliant.  I do not need to hook up to
groom your pet.  On busy grooming
days I may need to fill up my water tank

I do need a level area to park.  If your
driveway is slanted I will need to park
on the street or somewhere nearby that
is level.

Do I need to be home during the groom?

At first yes you will need to be home.  
We can discuss options for later

we take credit/debit cards?

Yes we do take credit and debit cards.
There is a 2.5% fee.